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Landscaping and Irrigation in Northern Michigan

   Mar 23


I was going to add to my blog today ( March 23rd ),  but I’m snowplowing a foot of snow.

   Mar 14

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Now that winter is behind us, we are looking forward to spring. Warm sunny days make me look forward to spring projects.

Early spring is the time to clean water gardens. As soon as weather permits, ponds can be pumped out, cleaned, and do necessary maintenance on filtration systems.  If cleaning your pond isn’t your favorite past time, call Darwin at (231)-825-8018 and I will be happy to give you an estimate. This is the time to start adding beneficial bacteria to treat your pond.

The last two weeks of April, we will be scheduling irrigation start-ups. Generally irrigation start-ups are done during the month of May. When turning sprinkler systems on we go through all zones and make sure everything is working correctly. We service all brands of systems and have a service truck on site to make necessary repairs. Call Darwin at (231)-825-8018 to schedule and appointment.