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Landscaping and Irrigation in Northern Michigan

   Mar 22

Water Gardens

Water Works Landscaping Designs, installs and maintains water gardens.  Pond kits are also available for the do-it-yourselfer.  “Just-a-falls” waterfalls are also available.  These waterfalls create the sights and sounds of a waterfall without the liability or maintenance of a pond.  Water gardens give homeowners a place to get away, relax and enjoy nature right in their own back yard.  Imagine the sound of a natural flowing stream and water cascading over waterfalls.  Imagine the beauty of a pond with plants, fish, frogs and all the other wildlife that will visit your backyard wildlife habitat.  Underwater lights and outdoor lighting extend your hours of enjoyment.

Water, mechanical and biological filtration, liner, plants, fish, rock and bacteria are the main ingredients  for a low maintenance water feature. Water pumps are used to keep water from becoming stagnant. Moving water is used to create waterfalls. Waterfalls supply oxygen to plants, fish and nitrifying bacteria colonized on  the rocks and filter system. Rocks and stones should cover the entire liner for a more naturalistic looking pond. Plants promote a healthy pond by removing ammonia, competing with algae for nutrients, oxygenating the water, and removing carbon dioxide from the pond water.  Fish are another part of a balanced ecosystem; they will eat algae off rocks in the pond.

Water gardens should be positioned in the landscape where they can be most enjoyed and heard.  Homeowners considering a water garden a can get ideas from photographs and God’s creation for a naturalistic water feature.  Homes, driveways,  patios and decks are just a few of the items involved with water garden design.  Water gardens can be incorporated into about any landscape whether there is a natural slope for a long stream to the pond or flat ground where a berm can be made using the excavated dirt from the pond.

Laying a garden hose to outline your pond and waterfall area is a good way to picture your water garden from different viewpoints in your landscape as well as your home.  Ponds should not be located in a low area of the yard that allows water to run into the pond.  Outside water running into the pond can contain a excess of nutrients leading to algae blooms or other adverse circumstances for your pond and fish.  Water gardens are designed to filter the same water continuously.  Now imagine yourself relaxing by your own backyard paradise,  listening to the water cascading over rocks and watching your fish,  frogs and other wildlife drawn to your backyard.

Common pond sizes range from a 6’x 6′ pond to a 21’x 26′ pond. Streams, bridges, gazebos, multiple waterfalls and the surrounding landscape can make your water feature truly one a kind.


Darwin Huttenga, Owner